Live Music from Owlboy

Thanks to all those who came out yesterday in support of Owlboy and D-Pad Studio!  Julie Royce and I had a blast raffling off posters and CDs and perfoming some live arrangements of the music from Owlboy.  We hope you enjoyed it too!  For those who couldn’t make it I’ve posted a couple videos below.  The one from the Highball doesn’t have the most amazing sound, but it’s fun to see it with the game on the big screen in the background.  The other video is actually from rehearsal the day before… the first time these amazing musicians had even played through the music!  (James Anderson – Violin, Heather Anderson – Viola, Tony Rogers – Cello, Jonathan Geer – Piano).

Owlboy Theme @ The Highball – Fantastic Arcade 2011

Guardian Medley

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