Owlboy Is Out!

It’s finally here!  Owlboy is now available on STEAM (CLICK HERE).  And the full 68 track OST is available on Bandcamp (CLICK HERE).  It’s been a long journey to get to this day and it still feels a little surreal, but I’m so happy that we made it.  Reviews of the game and the soundtrack have been extremely positive and glowing.  Just in case you need any convincing, the game is currently at 91 on Metacritic.  Here are a few quotes about the music:

Jim Sterling (read the review HERE)

“It would be wrong of me to not mention that soundtrack again – every piece of simply inspiring, a beautifully arranged orchestral selection that nails the mood of each scene. Exploring the central world is a joy thanks in no small part to the amazing music accompanying it.”

Brent Ables from Kill Screen (read the review HERE)

“This joy is aptly captured in Jonathan Geer’s soaring score, which puts most other videogame soundtracks in recent memory to shame. This is genuine composition: there are no pseudo-nostalgic synth reveries or lazy ambient drones filling time here. Just listen to the game’s theme—buoyant, boundless piano arpeggios fall into one another as warm strings and French horns paint a vivid picture of this blooming world. Even when Geer integrates chip music in the theme for Otus’s home town of Vellie, he is able to string together a marvelous contrapuntal dance from the simplest of components, mirroring the game’s own contemporization of the 2D platformer.”

Patrick Hancock from Destructoid (read the review HERE)

“And the music! Oh gosh, the music. If there’s a version of Owlboy that comes with the soundtrack, buy that version! I wish I had spent years of my life as a music critic so I could eloquently describe how great it is. The mood constantly shifts from lighthearted to serious to somber to joyous, and all of that would fall flat without strong musical accompaniment. I’ve had some of the tunes stuck in my head for about a week now, and I can’t say that I’d want it any other way.”


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