Owlboy Soundtrack

I’ve just released a 16-track soundtrack sampler for Owlboy! This is basically acting as a preorder and gets you a discount for the full album when it lands.  Buy the sampler for $3 and get the full soundtrack for $8  (it will retail for $10 and the price of the sampler goes up to $5 when the full soundtrack is released).

I’m so excited it’s all happening and coming together finally!  I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the team tomorrow in Seattle for PAX. Please listen, share and throw a few bucks towards what has been a very long labor of love in my life!

I also want to thank all the musicians who have given their time and talent to this project:

Bryan Kennard – Flute, Piccolo

Sarah Bates-Kennard – Oboe, English Horn

Midori Samson – Bassoon

James Anderson – Violin

Amy Harris – Violin, Viola

Tony Rogers – Cello

Phil Spencer – Bass

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