Such Perfect Peace

I’ve just released some sheet music for one of the pieces from Owlboy.  It’s possible to go through the game without ever hearing this music, but it’s one of the team’s favorite tracks and one of my favorite scenes in the game.  Hope you enjoy the video and pick up the sheet music if you want to give it a go!  It’s not too difficult and can be played by beginning to intermediate pianists.

Click HERE to buy the sheet music.

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  1. Marijn Wijbenga Reply

    Very beautiful! I am 100% fan of your work since King Oddball. In fact, the music in King Oddball seemed to me so acurately placed, that for a long time I thought about why it worked so extremely well in the setting of the game. I couldn’t comprehend why the tango like music was so accurately portraying a WWII resistance kind of vibe. I later learned, through wikipedia, that the Tango was becoming very popular between 1920/30 in Europe, especially with the jewish communities. So I figured ok, apparantly there is some kind of collective musical knowledge inside of all of us that makes certain styles of music very good for certain types of situations.

    This knowledge, or this level of musical application, is so extremely interesting to me, that it made me want to become a composer for video games myself. So in a way, the King Oddball soundtrack made me want to become a composer for video games 🙂 Thanks for that!!! Can’t express my grattitude in words.. I’m just starting this wonderful journey but I know 100% every second will be worth it.

    Oh and btw. This song somehow reminds me of Avé Maria. I think Astor Piazolla had a really pretty version of that aswell? My mother used to play that song every christmass morning 🙂 Oh the power of music..

    Best of luck with future works, am looking forward greatly to your new releases, and may I ask, is there also a full score book with sheet music from all your works coming out? Would love to own a copy of that!

    Thanks for your music!

    Best regards,

    Marijn Wijbenga
    The Netherlands

    p.s. have you checked out the game Stardew Valley? It was made entirely by one guy, including the score. It’s a fantastic peace of work and the music just puts your right there in the countryside of Canada or something 😀 Worth checking out!

    • jonnygeer Reply

      Wow Marijn, thanks for the nice long comment! The developers of King Oddball actually specifically requested that the music sound like the music of Astor Piazzolla. And it just so happened that I played in a tango quintet exclusively devoted to performing his music. And the developers had no idea at the time when they asked to create this music in such a specific style! It’s nice when the stars align, isn’t it?

      Yes, Piazzolla did have an Ave Maria. I’ve performed it a few time with different cellists and it is a gorgeous piece. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet!

      I don’t have a full score book available of most of my works, but I do upload some sheet music every now and then to

      P.S. – I actually just started a game of Stardew Valley very recently and it’s insanely addictive. I have to be careful with that one!!

      • Reply

        Wow I never read this untill today, must’ve gotten in my spam 🙁

        Thank you very much for the reply and the link to your scores. Will definately check it out. Awesome that the stars aligned for you and the developers like that 🙂 You are a very talented musician so I’d say its 100% deserved 🙂 Fuck me all these smilies make me sound like a little fangirl but fuck it I AM! I am a 35 y/o little fangirl man!

        Your devoted fan,


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